Costa Brava, Spain is one of the most beautiful places in Europe « .

Costa Brava, Spain

If you wish for a summer vacation in Europe Costa Brava of Spain will be the right thing.

Located in the northeast of Catalunha, no Mar Mediterraneo, Costa Brava is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

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lugares mais bonitos da Europa, lugares mais bonita, mais bonita

lugares mais bonitos da Europa, lugares mais bonita, mais bonita



Costa Bravais the name given to the coastal area of ​​Spain, starting atmouth do RIVER TorderainBlanesand ends noborderwitha FrançaPortbou.Bounded on the north byVermilion coaste sul for aCosta del Maresme .

This track has a coastal area 214 km and is composed of the regions of CataloniaAlt Empordà , theLower EmpordàandLa Selva . Ele is located na province ofGerona , part byautonomous communityofCataloniainSpain .

The term Costa Brava was published by journalistFerran Agullópages nasThe Veilin12 Septemberof1908 . With this expression the reporter wanted to describe the wild and rugged landscape, that characterizes much of the coastal area.

Já na decade 1930, tourists packed the beaches in the area, but still mixed with fishermen and farmers growing near the coast.From the years 1950 and 1960 the tourism phenomenon was widespread and there was a large urban development in the countries of these regions.

Until the arrival of the economytourism , many of the towns in the area were small coastal fishing villages of whitewashed houses and narrow streets.His people, their traditions and natural beauty of the region attracted the attention of artists and writers, as

But 30% the total surface area of ​​the regions of Girona is protected because of its natural interest.
Marc Chagall , Picasso , RusiñolorDalí . Currently, the area still retains much of the essence that characterized it before the change that marked the arrival of tourism.

Natural ParkCabo de Creus

It is one of the most important natural areas in Catalonia.Located about geographical Cape Creus, the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula.Its territory belongs to the municipalities of Cadaqués, Port de la Selva, La Selva de Mar, Llansá, Vilajuïga , Pau , Palau-Saverdera and roses.The space, land and sea, The park covers 13.886 recebe hectares and near 435.000 visitors per year.The strong winds that cross the area, particularly orTramuntanawaves and shaped this part of the coast, forming a very steep profile.Along find a rare vegetation, but very rich fauna.

Natural ParkEmpordà marshes

This is a set of swamps generated at the end of riverMugaandFluvia . In October 1983 Natural is considered spot interest.The park covers an area of 4.730 hectares, about, which 825 are strictly protected natural reserve.The park is located in Superior Ampurdán and municipalities do Ampurias Castellon, San Pedro Pescador, Palau-Saverdera, Perelada , Pau, Pedret e Marsa , Scale, Roses andA Armentera . His main interest lies in the wealth of fauna, especially birds, especially immigration.

Ilhas Medes

Small archipelago located 900 meters givesEstartit , in Palamos beach.They are practically the only Catalan coast and the islands are formed by the elevations of the Sierra deMontgrí . There are a total of seven islets with rocky bottoms and underwater caves that make it a perfect place for diving.The area is considered its rich ecosystem of marine reserve, favored by its proximity to the mouth of the River Ter.

Ses Negres

A Marine Reserve is located in Ses Negres the Bajo Ampurdán in Begur, right in the center of the Costa Brava.Ela estende by 1.300 meters of coastline, between enseadas as Sa Riera and Aiguafreda.It has a total area of 80 hectares, which includes the cliffs surrounding mountains Begur.

Botanical Garden

In the area of ​​the Costa Brava, several botanical gardens showing the diversity of local plants and tropical species not indigenous to the area.Bone Cap Roig Gardens, Historical Park, 1877 Castelo Perelada, Santa Clotilde em Lloret de Mar, Botanical Garden Marimurtraem Blanes andRosa Pinya Jardim Botanicoalso located in town Blanes are the most important in the region.

coves and beaches

The beaches of the Costa Brava are characterized by the quality of its waters.Many receivedBlue Flag , unmistakable symbol of clean and pollution free.Some of these are the beaches of Lloret de Mar, Tamariu em Palafrugell, Cala-Cala Gogo Christs Calonge, Palamos La Fosca and Mar Menuda Tossa de Mar. Another characteristic of Costa Brava Sao small coves and hidden beaches, surrounded by vegetation erosion, due to the sea on the cliffs.Some are only accessible from the sea and many others can only be reached by coastal roads along the coast, in some municipalities of the Costa Brava.


The territory of Costa Brava towns consists of Alt Empordà, Ampurdán Low and the coastal towns of La Selva.The coast of the coastal zone consists of the following cities, listed from north to sul:


The Costa Brava in close proximity to thePortbou , Gerona(Photo. – Mariana Garcia FJ).

The municipality is located in the northern part of the Costa Brava, is in the region of Alt Empordà and the borders of France.In a small town that is less than 1.500 people, traditional fishing and offers an array of activities off its coast, activities such as diving or other water.


Tossa de Mar

Small town has about 600 inhabitants.Its coast consists of six beaches: Cala Rovellada, Playa d’en Goixa, Playa Carbassó, Garbet praia, Playa from the e AssutzenesBeach Naturismdel Borro.


Oficialmente and CatalãoLlançà . Locating Alt Empordà region of about 5,000.It is surrounded by the Natural Park Cabo de Creus and Albera, By land and by sea.It is small and quiet beaches which are combined with the presence of traces historical and megalithic Romance.

Port de la Selva

Oficialmente and CatalãoPort de la Selva . It’s part of the region of Alt Empordà and just over 1.000 inhabitants.This is a traditional fishing village that was partially relieved by the arrival of tourism to the region.





Praia deTossa de Marno winter

Lloret de Mar

Municipality of Alt Empordà region located east of Cape Creus.Its landscape captivated many artists, includingSalvador Dalí . The painter lived in the village next toGalaand now you can visit your residence, a Salvador Dali House Museum . Despite being a city that attracts many tourists visiting the area was not crowded and maintains its appearance fishing village.


Roses and Catalan Officially, this Mediterranean village has grown considerably with the advent of tourism.Now, is about 18.000 inhabitants.His offer becomes a destination that combines all types of tourists.Among its highlights heritage Roses Citadel, a medieval fortress of the sixteenth century, and the remains of megalithic.

Castellón de Ampurias

Oficialmente and catalãesCastelló d’Empúries . It is a city of about 11.000 people, covering part of the Empordà Marshes Park.One of their most important holidays of Earth’s Minstrels, held over the weekend closest to day 11 September and honors the music ofMiddle Ages .

San Pedro Pescador

Oficialmente and CatalãoSant Pere Pescador . Municipality in the center ofGulf of Roses , in the region of Alt Empordà.Its beaches make an ideal setting for water sports, aswindsurfing , kitesurforkayak , among others.

O Armentera

It’s part of the region of Alt Empordà.It is one of the municipalities that make up the park Empordà marshes.

A Scale

Coastal city of Alt Empordà.It is known foranchoviesthat are caught and consumed in the area, that led to the creation of quality anchovies name Scale.


Under Ampurdán do Povo.The area is to highlight the presence ofMontgrí Castelofourteenth century located at the top of the unfinishedMontgrí Maciço .


Palamós Township Village (Sob Ampurdán), located to the left of the mouth of Ter, oeste Montgrí Massif, between the great mountain i Mar nature reserve before taking the Medes Islands.


Location Ampurdán Bajo just over 2.800 inhabitants.This consists of three cores: Pals, Pals Masos and friends.The uniqueness of each of these different proposals offered to tourists.Pals hosts most of the heritage area, Pals Masos consists of a set of great architectural interest farms and beach of Pals has all the resources to enjoy the Mediterranean.


Oficialmente and CatalãoBegur . It is located not Lower Empordà district.It is a fishing village that has some of the best beaches on the Costa Brava: Riera Sá, Aiguafreda, Tuna, Fornells and Aiguablava.


Under Ampurdán Município do.It is located at the foot of the massif Gavarres.It is composed of 9 city ​​centers: The Bruguerol, Calella de Palafrugell , Ermedàs, Llafranch , Llufriu , Palafrugell , Santa Margarida, Tamariu and Vila-seca.Em Calella de Palafrugell, every year, during the month of July, Habaneras comemoramos a typical festa.


Under Ampurdán do Povo.Its territory includes municipalAnts islands , an archipelago of four islands that are the perfect choice for practicingdip , because the richness of its waters.


This city, in the district of Lower Empordà is the most important commercial port of the third Catalonia, after theBarcelonaandTarragona .The prawns are the stars of the local cuisine, and are considered the best in the area.


Município do Ampurdán Low, divided into two parts: Calonge one side, and San Antonio de Calonge on the other.Beautiful beaches and coves Plans Roques, SES Torretes (popularly known as Cala Gogo be near the camp of the same name), Torre Valentina, etc

Castle, Playa de Aro

This municipality is formed byCastillo de Aro (Castell D’Aro),  Playa de Aro (Platja D’Aro) e S’Agaró.The three cores provide an ideal environment for the practice of sport, along with a proposed purchase, leisure activities and cultural events.During the advent of tourism in the Costa Brava, the city became a major destination.

San Feliu de Guixols

This city, in the neighborhood of Lower Empordà, acquired an international reputation thanks to music festival held every summer in the area, International Festival of Porta Ferrada, instituted in 1958.

Tossa de Mar

This city has become the destination of choice of many tourists.Its beaches, your leisure, historical and attract many visitors, especially during the summer.

Lloret de Mar

People in the region of La Selva.Its tourism is full of contrasts.The area is known for its variety of nightlife offer, as well as historic and monumental.Of note is the presence of the Iberian settlement of Puig de Castellet.


The municipality belongs to the Forest region.It’s people that defines the Costa Brava, no on.The landscape, including mountains, beaches and bays, became one of the most popular destinations on the Costa Brava.

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